SKYi Logo

SKYi was established in 2004 with the endeavour to redefine the essence of fine living. Right from the outset, we identifed localities that had potential for signifcant growth based on well-researched indicators. Coupled with our process-driven concept, where ecological sustainability goes hand in hand with premium design and amenities, our thoughtfully designedTM residences are engineered to give you a good return on your investment.


We are proud to present to you our canvas of work of more than 10 years in Western Pune. Our thoughtfully designed projects are home to over 1000 happy families and we are getting ready to welcome another 2000 familes in the coming years. Our projects are the proud recipients of CRISIL 5 Star ratings, Indian Green Buiding Council [IGBC] Gold and Platinum Certificates, an award for being one of the Top 100 projects in India and most importantly the trust of our customers.