Get together with family and friends at the clubhouse. A swimming pool, a library, a kitchen and dining hall as well as a community hall ensure that there is something for everyone here.

SKYi Wildwoods homes - Living in Nature

LIVING IN NATURE: Thickets, mountain trails, the rising mist, the warble of a bird are just outside your window.

STAR GAZING: Spend enchanted evening gazing at the stars from our machaans.

SKYi Wildwoods homes - Cycling

CYCLING JAUNTS: Feel the wind in your hair as explore the woods on your

NATURE TRAILS: Make room for serendipity by walking wooded trails across the hills.

SKYi Wildwoods homes - Bird watching

BIRD WATCHING: While away the weekend in a machaan, with a field guide and binoculars, making your acquaintance with the Wildwood’s winged tribe.

OUTDOOR DINING: Entertain friends and family or have a cosy dinner for two in the great outdoors.

Camping at SKYi Wildwoods

BONFIRE BONHOMIE: Use our forest-safe bonfire pits for an evening to remember. Tell stories by the campfire, raise a toast or simply dream away in away in winter twilight.

CAMPTING TIMES: Pitch a tent, set the kettle and lie back under a leafy canopy, at our camping sites.

Bebespoke eco friendly villa
Bebespoke homes
Barbeque at SKYi Wildwoods

BARBECUE: We offer sustainably built outdoor barbecues. Grill and roast up a feast in the great outdoors.