Inspired by the world’s
greatest architect: Nature.


Sustainable Home Design:
We have stayed true to our philosophy of blend rather than build in all our efforts at Wildwoods. We have ensured our homes use sustainable materials that not only blend in with the surrounding but are also relevant to the environment in which the home is built.

The scientific study of the sun path and the wind path has helped us design homes which provide you with ample light and ventilation through the day and year round. Large windows offer grand views and the strategic use of natural light also means very little artificial lighting is required during the day.

We have maximised the efficient usage of water in your homes through drip irrigation, water recycling and rain water harvesting.

Farm House Plots Near Pune For Sale
Sustainable Building Materials
Solar power at SKYi Wildwoods
Farm House Plots Near Pune

Locally sourced materials ensure a smaller carbon footprint as materials do not need to be sourced and shipped from distant locations.

Rubble Stone Masonry has been used to reduce waste, to utilize existing materials and to allow groundwater to seep back into the soil. We do not use concretized floors do not allow groundwater reserves to be replenished by rain.

Burnt Bricks ensure aesthetic facades that do not require expensive and ecologically unsound refurbishment.

Natural and reclaimed materials: Materials such as stone, wood windows and Shahbad tile not only create a charming aesthetic effect but also ensure that you do not need to maintain your house’s temperature artificially. The natural breathable materials retain heat during winters and ensure coolness during summers.

Blend and Build: Nature friendly materials, have been thoughtfully put together to create sustainable and beautiful structures, that sit in harmony with their surroundings.

Tree sapling plantation at SKYi Wildwood

Your home will be powered by a 174
quadrillion watt source. The sun.


Water conservation at SKYi Wildwoods

You can let the sun take care of your electricity bills here. All the homes at Wildwoods offer Solar Power allowing you a more economical, clean and renewable source of energy. Our aim is to go off the grid, so that we have the minimum possible carbon footprint. Coal plants are the largest producers of carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming. Oil hurts the planet too. The entire community at Wildwoods would therefore take less than it would give to the grid, preventing air and water pollution and water loss from non-renewable coal-based energy sources. While the Indian sun is a plentiful source, storing that energy can be a problem. We solve it here by offering two-way metering.

The electricity generated by your home goes into the grid, thus earning you power credits. Which essentially means, you could power your home on your weekend for free.

Your solar panels continue to generate electricity even when you’re not there to use it. Which means any solar energy that you don’t use will be given back to the grid. Your meter will then give you credits for that much electricity so that your consumption of non-solar electricity is offset by the solar electricity that your home helped to provide. The result, you use smarter cleaner energy, give back to the planet and save on electricity bills.

Coal-Produced electricity is the biggest
contributor of global warming.

A household rooftop solar panel system can reduce pollution by 100 tons of CO2 carbon dioxide in its lifetime—and this includes the energy it took to manufacture the solar panels.

The little ones keep our gardeners busy all day. After all, we're planting 200 saplings on each plot.


Imagine walking through 200 trees on your land. Each home at Wildwoods will have it's own wooded charm. And when you step beyond your door, you will witness a profusion of growth and verdant beauty. In fact if you've got a green thumb, you can join us and watch your saplings unfurl over the years.

LOW-HANGING FRUIT: To set things off we're flinging seeds into existing plant clusters. This means our little seeds land on welcoming ground and take root. We are thus enriching existing vegetation and tapping into the land's own resources to heal it.

REBUILDING LOCAL PLANTATION: An onsite nursery will house hundreds of native plants to ensure that they are in harmony with local ecosystems. Your home will nestle amidst the 20% portion of this vast space that has been mindfully carved out for personal use, including the creation of farmhouses, courtyards, private gardens and spaces for outdoor camping.

Wildwoods will eventually plant upto 250 trees on each plot of land (4000 sq. m.), adding up to over 40,000 trees on the entire parcel of land. Out of total area of the settlement, 80% will be gifted back to nature for forestation.

Our trees get their water the same way oceans are made. Drop by precious drop.


Drip Irrigation reduces per plant water consumption to 5 liters per plant.

You won't have to worry about wasting water on lawns here at Wildwoods. We'll create your personal drip-irrigation system for each sapling on your land so that they well-watered without wastage, even when you're away.

Drip irrigation is a form of irrigation that saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of many different plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone, through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters.


MONSOON: For 4 months of monsoon our drip irrigation system needs only 25% of five liters per plant

WINTER: During the winter months it requires only 50% of 5 liters per plant

SUMMER: During the summer months it requires 100 % of 5 liters per plant