An Introduction to Wildwoods

UNESCO World Heritage neighbourhood

UNESCO World Heritage neighbourhood

The sweep of a hill, the filigree of sunlight laced through the woods, songbirds in a Sunday medley and you. Welcome to a beautiful way of life. Wildwoods invites you to find a home, made in nature amidst the Sahyadri mountains in the Western Ghats.

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Forest Conservation and Restoration at SKYi Wildwoods

Forest Conservation and Restoration

To understand how much thought is going into creating the Eden that you will inhabit, here's a picture of how we are bringing the forests alive again. Wildwoods is being created in close consultation with our ecological partner Oikos.

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Ecological Assessment at SKYi Wildwoods

Ecological Assessment

Your home here is a part of a larger plan. It will be built for beauty and tranqulity but also so that your garden can serve as crossroads for rabbits, butterflies and birds.

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Bio Diversity Conservation and Restoration

You might encounter new furry and feathered neighbors on every hike through your neighborhood. We identified hundreds of species of birds and animals before the project. Our overarching ecological strategy has ensured that every-thing, from natural water resources to native tree species, has been kept in mind in our conservation and planning efforts. Which means you can meet a 100 year-old tree, camp by an ancient watering hole and hear the chirp of foreign visitors every migratory season.

Land restoration at SKYi Wildwoods

Land Restoration

You'll find little touches of earth love everywhere on and around your property. From the hedges that edge your gardens and orchards, to the soil your children will make mud-pies in, we're creating a space that will truly allow you to exist in harmony with nature.

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Water conservation at SKYi Wildwoods

Water Conservation

You don't have to worry about wasting water at Wildwoods. We make it easy for you to live green. From homes to gardens and forests, we make sure every drop is used better:

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Eco landscaping at SKYi Wildwoods

Eco Landscaping

Dream up a garden and we'll grow it for you without harming the earth. Your garden here will be vision of local flowers and trees, changing in time with the seasons. The answer lies in Ecological Landscaping.

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Bespoke Homes

Eco friendly bespoke holiday homes

Give your home a signature style and woods to surround it.


Bespoke holiday homes - Small Villa on 1 Acre plot

1 acre plots with small villas

Create a vast open space, or rambling garden to surround a cosy villa.

Bespoke holiday homes - Large Villa on 1 Acre plot

1 acre plot with large villas

Create an airy bungalow surrounded by greenery.

Bespoke holiday homes - Villa on 1/2 Acre plot

½ acre plots with villa

configuration of your choice: From a studio to a cottage, make your vision a reality.


SKYi Wildwoods homes - Living in Nature

Living in Nature

Thickets, mountain trails, the rising mist, the warble of a bird are just outside your window.

SKYi Wildwoods homes - Outdoor dining

Outdoor Dining

Entertain friends and family or have a cosy dinner for two in the great outdoors.

Camping at SKYi Wildwoods

Camping Times

Pitch a tent, set the kettle and lie back under a leafy canopy, at our camping sites.


Eco friendly bespoke holiday homes at SKYi Wildwoods

Just because you're in the lap of nature, doesn't mean you can't be in the lap of luxury too.


Getting away from it all shouldn't have to mean having to do without. Which is why Wildwoods offers a bouquet of professional services that help make your stay a delight. Pack light, leave your baggage behind and simply drive in.

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Wildwoods Club House


Property management services by SKYi Wildwoods

Close to the city. Close to nature. Closer to the real you.

  • A mere 20-minutes' drive from Pune's Chandni Chowk and Kothrud
  • 45 minutes from the Mumbai Pune expressway Exit.
  • Nestled amidst 7000 acres of forest, flanked by the Western Ghats.
  • Reserved forest zones around the settlement mean that nothing threatens the woods that surround you even in the future.
  • 5 min. from National Highway (Paud To Raigad) and Pirangut Industrial Hubd
  • 10 min. from 14 lane Ring and Pune Ring Road Metro (Passing Through Bhugaoan Village)
  • 17 min. from Chandani Chowk and NH4 (Mumbai-Bangalore Highway)
  • 25 min. from Hinjewadi IT Park